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About Me

Welcome! I am Dalini D. Maharaj, a teaching assistant at McMaster University and a third year PhD student in Professor Bruce Gaulin’s experimental condensed matter group. Our group conducts investigations of frustrated magnets in the pursuit of discovering exotic magnetic ground states. We utilize X-ray and inelastic neutron scattering techniques as a probe of these magnetic systems.

My primary research interests involve the study of two families of frustrated magnets – the double perovskites and rare-earth titanates of the form A2BB’O6 and A2B2O7. My thesis studies on the double perovskites involve conducting systematic investigations on a series of these materials in order to understand the role of frustration and spin-orbit coupling, in the stabilization of the novel ground states which these materials enter at sufficiently low temperatures. My work on the rare-earth titanates is focused on understanding the effect of disorder of site ions on the B site – referred to as stuffing – on the nature of the magnetic ground states in these systems. Despite having these major themes define my thesis work, my research has extended to other families of frustrated magnets through collaboration and has also included research on the high temperature cuprate superconductors.

Feel free to get in touch with me by using the contact form http://dalinimaharaj.com/contact/

Link to our group’s website: Gaulin Group Website


Yb3+ ions decorate a network of corner sharing tetrahedra, leaving the magnetic moments frustrated

Double perovskites based on nonmagnetic ions at the B’ site and magnetic ions at the B site have an underlying network of frustrated magnetic moments based on edge sharing tetrahedra














In my free time, I enjoy hiking, trail biking and trail running and I intend on completing my first cross-country triathlon in summer 2018. Other hobbies of mine are dancing, cooking and attending music shows. I am also a beer, scotch and wine aficionado.


Before glacier hiking on the Perito Moreno Glacier, Southern Patagonia, Argentina – August 2015.

Before my first lap at the Summer Epic – Roots, Rock, Reggae – mountain bike relay. Hardwood Hills – July 2017.