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First post: Partial Solar Eclipse 2017

Hello world! This is officially my first blog post and I am excited to get this going. I still have not decided what content I will put here but for now I will just post what I think is interesting from a scientific point of view and present it in such a way that I believe will be accessible to the general public. Without further ado, I will share information about the highly anticipated solar eclipse which occurs on Monday 21st August, 2017.

If I made this post much earlier, I would have advised you to plan a trip across to the USA, to one of the many places which are within the path of totality – where you can view a full eclipse: http://www.eclipse2017.org/2017/maps.htm

If you are like me, and are in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area, there are some avenues for you to view a partial eclipse of the sun. Here is a link which you can follow to find Astronomy groups who will have a nice and safe setup for you to view the eclipse: https://www.rasc.ca/solar-eclipse-2017

For people in the Hamilton area, do check out events happening at McMaster University: http://dailynews.mcmaster.ca/article/solar-eclipse-viewable-with-the-help-of-sidewalk-astronomy-group/ 

Be sure that if you are going to view the eclipse, take the necessary precautions to watch the eclipse safely so that you do not end up either a.) Best case scenario: damaging your eyesight or b.) Worst case scenario: blind.

I am off right now to get ready for some sweet eclipse viewing at McMaster University. Maybe see some of you guys there?


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